Nortwood Composite Panel

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About NORTwood

NORTwood is the leading manufacturer, provider, and distributor of wood composite cladding and siding solutions in Toronto, Canada. Our products range from fluted panels and WPC cladding to composite wall cladding and siding that can enhance various architectural and construction projects. 

We constantly refine our business strategies and activities to ensure they meet custom requirements irrespective of scale. This includes ensuring our clients have access to eco-friendly siding and cladding solutions that can help them reduce their carbon footprint.

Why NORTwood?

We Are One with Nature

NORTwood has maintained its status as an eco-friendly and eco-conscious manufacturer for years. We remain current on new strategies that can help our clients reduce their carbon footprint without compromising their needs.

The wood we use to manufacture our materials is 100% recycled and ethically sourced. It is the siding of choice in Canada because of its highly negligible emission levels. We continue to innovate and design new products that withstand harsh weather conditions for years with minimal annual touch-ups.

Our Products Require Minimal to No Maintenance

NORTwood wood composite products require little to no maintenance as they are treated before being shipped. Our panels and siding products are moisture and pest-proof – two issues that erode traditional wood products fast. A light dusting is all that is needed to prevent accumulation and ensure longevity.

Our Philosophy

Since 2018, we have worked to develop wood composite products that can stand the test of time, our changing environment, and our clients' needs. Our mission is to become the wood siding of choice in Canada that can aid homemakers, builders, and architects LEED certify their projects.

We envision a clean and green earth with eco-friendly building products that can make NORTwood a nationwide household name.
  • Providing transparent services and products. We will always be upfront with you regarding your needs and order.
  • Taking client benefits into consideration before recommending products.
  • Developing new siding and cladding solutions that can meet changing needs.
  • Placing every promise into practice.