Nortwood Composite Panel

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Maintenance Manual 

A Simple Guide to Caring For Composite Cladding and Wall Panel

NORTwood wood composite cladding and siding products come with performance warranties. But weather can leave dirt and dust on the surface. With just some care and attention, our wood composite products will look good as new.

Routine Cleaning

We recommend routine cleaning of cladding and siding every six months or once a year to clear dust and dirt that can otherwise accumulate between the boards.

For A Simple Cleaning Job

Apply warm, soapy water to the cladding boards and clean them using a soft bristle brush or a sponge.

For A Deep Cleaning Job

We recommend a power wash of less than 3100 PSI to remove stubborn accumulated dirt or mud. The fan attachment and ensuring the water jet isn’t applied any closer than 250 mm away from the surface will prevent damage.

Use these tips to maintain the pristine look of each board. We recommend cleaning along the length of each panel to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating, which can otherwise collect moisture leading to mould. You can remove the mould using the tips mentioned in this maintenance guide. ,

Use a composite cladding cleaner on stubborn stains. The formulation is designed specifically to remove oil from this material. Please note that the stain should be addressed in the first 7 days of appearing for the best results.

What You Shouldn't Do

  • Do not use a solvent.
  • Do not use high-pressure cleaning equipment.
  • Do not apply paint or a restoration product.
  • Do not use sandpaper or any metallic object.
We recommend regularly cleaning WPC cladding and siding panels to prevent moisture and dirt build-up. Please be cautious when cleaning, so the panels don’t get scratched.

Support and Advice

For queries on fluted panel maintenance or any other assistance, please contact us by dialling (number) or emailing us at [email protected].