Nortwood Composite Panel

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Most Popular Questions

Why shouldn't I go with timber cladding and siding options?

Compared to traditional wood or timber cladding and siding options, NORTwood products are: 

Maintenance-free – Our products come pre-stained and painted.

Moisture and pest-resistant – Our panels are 100% moisture and waterproof. Keep mould and pests at bay.

East to install – We incorporate interlocking technologies in fluted and slatted panels for quick and efficient DIY installation.

How do I clean wood composite products?

A. Our wood composite products require little to no cleaning, but dust and dirt can accumulate after a storm or in a year. We recommend warm, soapy water for cladding boards. Use a soft bristle brush or sponge to clean the panels but not harsh steel wool. Wash chalked and marked areas with hot water, soap, and detergent.

We recommend power or jet washing that isn't more than 3100 PSI for a deeper clean. Please also use the fan attachment to prevent splintering and damage to the finish.

Which one is better – composite or vinyl siding?
Composite sidings are designed to be durable and can last for 50 years compared to vinyl siding, which can last for half of that duration. So if you are looking for long-lasting siding solutions, go for wood composite products.
What is another name for composite siding?
Wood composite siding is also known as engineered wood siding since it is made of wood waste bonded and compressed with special resins. The result is a cladding and siding material that is stronger and more cost-efficient than traditional wood.
Can I use nails to install NORTwood composite materials?
We recommend using composite screws rather than traditional nails to prevent damage when installing our wood composite products. 
Can I paint composite siding?
Yes, but the best thing about our composite siding products is that they are almost entirely maintenance-free. It will remain pest and moisture-repellent without a coat of paint.
Can boards of the same color be installed together?
Yes, we recommend it if you want a unique look. We offer a wide range of color options you can check before ordering.
Is composite siding waterproof?
Yes. Composite wood siding doesn't expand or rot if it is exposed to moisture and, thus, doesn't attract mould. This ensures the structural stability of your property compared to wood and vinyl, which can crack under extreme temperatures.