nortwood Flouted Panel

Architectural Wood Composite, High Quality Facade Element


Sustainable Timber Cladding

NORTwood Timber Cladding is strong, high surface hardness, maintenance-free, anti-ageing and long-life outdoor material of choice.
Superior Durability – scratch, dent and damage resistance makes NORTwood a great timber alternative.
  • Maintenance free: NORTwood never needs staining or painting.
  • Moisture resistant: create waterproof panels that can be used in any wet location and won’t deteriorate.
  • Easy to install: interlocking WPC NORTwood flouted panels are quick and simple for DIY or professional installers. Available in various colours – match or complement any project you design.


NORTwood offers an innovative wood composite product to enhance the exterior & interior living experience. Get inspired by exploring NORTwood finest achievements and design projects


Make Life Closer to Nature
Make Life Closer to Nature
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Weather Resistance

NORTwood does not react to changes in low and high temperatures as wood. Material is proven to work well in different climates.

Architectural Inspiration

Gives a 3D batten effect for interior and exterior walls, ceiling, and facades due to its deep grooves. Get inspired by exploring NORTwood finest achievements and design projects.

Cladding maintenance

Timeless, functional, durable and environmentally friendly, NORTwood cladding boards don’t require stain and any surface treatment.

Siding Panel
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