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NORTwood Fluted Panels

Fluted panels boast a linear design and are made from engineered wood composites with a natural wood finish. The result is cladding that looks like natural wood and is resistant to pests and moisture.

Our fluted panel boasts a Groove and Clips assembly for easy installation, rainscreen lugs to secure rainscreen cladding to prevent moisture penetration, a wood plastic composite (WPC) core that is waterproof, and a shield layer for extra reinforcement.  

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NFP 25

25x193mm x2880mm  |  3.1 Kg/m (1″x 7-1/2″ x 113″)  |  1.98 lb/ft
Box weight
≃ 24.5 Kg  (54 lbs)

NFP 40

26x208mm x2880mm  |  2.8 kg/m (1″x 8 1/2″ x 113″)   |  1.88 lb/ft
Box weight
≃ 23.8 Kg  (52.5 lbs)

NORTwood Wall Panels

NORTwood wall panels can conceal construction flaws, hire exposed wiring, create an accent feature to transform décor, and more. Our products are highly durable, easy to maintain, clean, and provide a unique aesthetic.

Our wall panels can be incorporated into a building’s frame to reinforce it against moisture and enhance its structural integrity. The non-porous material can last for years with light maintenance.



18x160mm x3600mm  |  1.96 kg/m(5/7″x 6″ x 142″) | 1.32 lb/ft

Box weight
≃ 29 kg  (64 lbs)

NORTwood Louver Panels

Louver panels comprise parallel metallic blades, connectors, glass panels, or connectors that create a sleek look. Use NORTwood louvered panels to allow better light and air penetration without letting water in. Choose from fixed or movable options. Louvered walls can also prevent noise from penetrating your home or office building.

LUV 100

50x100mm x3600mm  |  2.7 kg/m (2″x 4″ x 144″)   |  1.82 lb/ft
Box weight
≃ 27.7 Kg  (61 lbs)

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