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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Engineered Wood Composite Panels for Construction Projects in Toronto, CA

Lighter than solid wood or steel but just as durable, NORTwood wood composite products offer adequate structural support. Each panel has the beauty and strength of natural wood without degrading to the elements. 

Our wood composite panels are eco-friendly alternatives to unsustainable traditional construction materials. Each one is made from a mixture of recycled strands, fibres, and wood waste that would otherwise fill landfills. The result is zero waste and a sustainable structure that reduces your carbon footprint. 

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Why NORTwood Wood Composite Walls Are Better?

Excellent Alternatives to Wooden Walls

NORTwood wood composite walls are durable, sustainable, and an excellent alternative to traditional wood wall panels. They offer the beauty of traditional wood without the expensive price tag.

Long Lasting

Our wood composite products are not only sustainable, but they are also easy to clean and maintain. Unlike natural wood, these:

  • Won't rot or deform when wet.
  • Keep insects such as termites and ants at bay.
  • Don't require a lot of maintenance.
  • Last for years.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Customizable

NORTwood wood composite panels have a sleek and clean look that can suit a range of décor options. Brighten up a dull room or achieve a timeless, rustic look. Available in a range of finishes and profiles that can satisfy custom requirements.

Excellent Insulating Properties

Our wood composite panels are made from a mix of wood fibres and ethically sourced recycled material. With their properties combined, we get a product that protects properties against harsh weather conditions keeping residents inside comfortable. Feel cool during the summer and toasty during the winter.


How are Wood Composite Panels from NORTwood Energy Efficient?

At NORTwood, we use eco-friendly and user-friendly installation methods to install wood composite cladding. Our unique system allows optimal air circulation between the substrate and siding. This ensures the entire structure remains dry and energy efficient.

Our wood composite panels are the substrate of choice for our clients. Each can be re-engineered to achieve specific performance characteristics and physical properties. Some of these include:

Moisture resistance




Fire resistance

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Available In A Range Of Colors

Our inventory is constantly updated with wood composite panels in several popular colors and designs our clients appreciate. These include:
Black fluted panel
Charcoal Black

Antique fluted panel

norway maple fluted panel
Canadian Oak

Grey fluted panel
Deep Gray

IPE fluted panel
Brazil Ipe

Maple fluted panel
Norway Teak

Off white fluted panel
Elite White

norway maple fluted panel
Golden Maple

English walnut fluted panel
English Wallnut